Молдова Кагул, Молдова
5 месяцев 3 дня назад
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на сервисе 3 года
  • Javascript
  • postgresql
  • django
  • поддержка сайта
  • адаптивная верстка
  • Parsing
  • Vue.js
  • Python3
  • rest api
  • Python разработчик
  • Django CMS
  • telegram bot api
  • django-rest-framework
  • Nuxt.js
  • поддержка проектов на Python django


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Hey there, I want to share with you my skills in the web development.

Frontend skills:
- Of course base stack (HTML5 semantic code, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, JavaScript) | Bootstrap,  Flex, Grid
- Gulp
- Webpack
- Vue.js (nuxt.js)
- Cross browser, adaptive, responsible.

Backend skills:
- Python / Django (also DRF and Django-CMS)
- PostgreSQL (pgbouncer as well)
- Memcached, redis
- Git (working with repositories in GitHub, Bitbucket and Gitlab)

I believe that those who work with backend should be able to deploy their apps, so that’s why deploy is another item of my skills list (with Docker and without)
Debian, nginx, gunicorn, systemd and other difficult to pronounce words and technologies.

Besides that, I have an experience in QA/QC which helps me to test my code and to guarantee you the quality of the products.

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