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Молдова Кишинев, Молдова
1 месяц 16 дней назад
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возраст 21 год
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  • web design
  • Adode Photoshop
Фрилансер DMITRI B. — Молдова, Кишинев. Специализация — HTML/CSS верстка, Дизайн сайтов


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Thank you for viewing my portfolio.

I will spend my time making the world of IT more beautiful.

Search for an responsable WEB developer and I am!

As a web designer and developer, I have constantly enjoyed working with clients to unravel how they can make their brands shine and communicate better with audiences.


1. For clear and effective communication - I believe that successful contracts have clear, concise terms, and include a thoughtful description of the work plan to do.

2. Treating everyone with respect. 

3. I focus on providing VALUE to all of my clients and earning their TRUST.

4. I have a strong knowledge of the languages that make up a Website (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and have worked to build sites from scratch or for creating additional features for existing ones.

 Please, be free to contact me!

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2 000 ₴Лэндинг

HTML/CSS верстка

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