ФрилансерыIvan Fedotov

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Молдова Кишинев, Молдова
7 месяцев 29 дней назад
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на сервисе 1 год
Фрилансер Ivan F. — Молдова, Кишинев. Специализация — HTML/CSS верстка, Дизайн сайтов


HTML/CSS верстка 3
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UX/UI Designer, Website designer, FrontEnd developer.

"Being free, being truly free consists of not being bound by the opinions that others choose to display in regards to the decisions that one chooses to make on a daily weekly, or lifetime basis. 

In order to be free we have to be willing to think for ourselves, learn for our selves, and to live our lives as our real true selves. Being free is when you are able to stand up and speak in public spewing your beliefs not caring what anyone else will think of them. 

Being free is when you are able to go against the grain, when you are able to make a left when everyone else is going right, and not worry about why everyone is talking about you, or looking at you in a manner that is unfavorable, and with faces that blatantly say that they don't approve of your choices. 

One of the greatest challenges is being yourself in a world that's trying to make you like everyone else."

Languages: Russian, Romanian, English.

Навыки и умения


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HTML/CSS верстка

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Покраска зданий и прочих металлоконструкций в Моск

HTML/CSS верстка

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