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Я не занимаюсь "обычной" разработкой. Я помогаю развивать ваш бизнес.

Украина Киев, Украина
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    - Python:
        - Kivy
        - Flask
        - Django
        - Telebot

    - Сlient-side:
        - HTML, CSS, JavaScript
        - jQuery, bootstrap, wow.js, ES6, ajax

    - Databases:
        - PostrgeSQL
        - SQLite

    - Linux

    - RESTful API

About myself:
    I didn’t study at school because it was boring, nevertheless I remember myself writing Counter Strike plugins on Pawn like 6 years ago. In college I used to learn Pascal/Delphi but I wasn’t actually interested in computer science until I discovered Python. I understood that I love to study. Since that, I cannot spend a day without learning something. When I’m not on Python, I’m completing a JS course or reading a Math textbook and this makes me happy. I also adore communicating and talking to different people. It’s also learning. Programming makes me think everywhere, in any situation. We apply algorithms to everything we do without even mentioning it and when you start to mention, you start to update your “real-life code”. So I’m up to new challenges.

  Additional Information:
    - English: Upper-Intermediate
    - Problem solving
    - Fast learning

        - Music. I love writing and recording songs in English. I have a mixtape downloaded on soundcloud and this is not even beginning.
        - English. But it’s not that learning-english-is-cool. I appreciate both American and England cultures. I have a lot of friends in the UK I used to play computer games with. After them, I can easily understand the Yorkshire accent and this is amazing. That’s why I love English more than my native tongue.
        - Speaking. As I mentioned before, I do love to communicate and also I enjoy acting. I’m not an actor myself but people say that I’ve got a talent to make them smile.

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