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Hello All

I'd like to create pages like https://finmodelslab.com/e-commerce-financial-model/ for various business niches.

Say, restaurant (fast food, pizza, etc), medicine (clinics, hospitals etc), and many more ... about 100 pages.

Each page will have the same structure, but the content will be different. Based on the specific product we will produce images and text content.

So, to start we should have a roadmap. Here we should list and rank business niches from 1 to 100.

Next, for each business niche we should do the research as follows:

- the business model - key revenue inputs, key revenue drivers, key expenses and kay expense drivers.  For example, to plan a restaurant, we can calculate the revenue in many ways. Order value X orders per day or daily sales X working days or tables X daily revenue per table. Many ways! But I need research to understand the 3 most popular ways to forecast revenues.

- SEO keywords - 20 most popular keywords which lead to competitors webpage where you can purchase or download an Excel financial projection and business plan. This should be done for each niche separately.

- competitors - the list of 20 SEO competitors. We need to list the most popular pages on the web based on seo keywords. 

- competitors pages analysis - seo analysis of those pages will give us an understanding of 

- content creation for a specific niche. Now we know the seo KW and the most popular ways to calculate revenues. Based on this we can start creating a seo optimized content with the predefined structure like here https://finmodelslab.com/e-commerce-financial-model/

- additionally, each product page will have sub-pages kinda HOW TO, LEARN etc. This kind of pages will help target some longtails KW (say 15 from 20) from the list for a specific niche. 

checksum - lemon

Finally, publish a page on the web.

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    Светлана Каспарова

    I would like to help you with your ideas.
    I already have some experience with SEO English articles. You can check them in my profile!
    Best regards, Lana.

    Украина Херсон | 15 января в 16:04 |
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    Павел Джур

    Hi Henry is ready to start your task. You can discuss the details of the work in the message?

    Украина Львов | 9 января в 21:15 |